Field Trip to Kepompong Gendut!

  Saya mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mengunjungi sebuah Production House Kepompong Gendut yang berada di Jalan Bali no.7, Bandung. Pendiri Kepompong Gendut adalah Sammaria Simanjuntak lulusan dari Arsitek ITB, dahulu bekerja sebagai arsitek namun karena tidak sesuai dengan minat yang dimilikinya. Maka Sammaria Simanjuntak membuat sebuah Production House. Kepompong Gendut masih bisa dibilang indie dengan levelnya […]

JWT INTELLIGENCE owned by an agency of marketing communications (marketing communication), based in New York. There are an annual forecast of trends for the near future, new technology continues to take center stage. Of course, the report will be very helpful for business people, especially those related to technology, creative industries, and lifestyle. Embracing Analog: Why Physical is Hot […]


This website gives a lot of tips to market your product or service. How do you promote  your product with social media which more interactive and inspiring for many people. Let you know some cool tips! Social Media Night Out: 8 Tips To Get You Through The Evening 1. Mapping Out Your Evening 2. Dress […]

80+ Must-Read Design Blogs to Enhance your Creativity and your Career

This website categorized each of the blogs into one of ten main categories: All-in-One, Inspiration, Tutorials, Web Development/Code, Freelance, Logos & Typography, Advice & Discussion, Freebies & Giveaways, Blogging, and Micro-Blogs/Links. That does not mean that the blog doesn’t offer anything else. It just means that the blog has a main focus. Creative Opera, for […]


BRIGHTSPOT MARKET IS A COOLNESS CURATED MARKET EVER!! It is the 9th event and the second time it’s held in Grand Indonesia. we can find our very own local brands, ON SALE, of course.  That’s the fun part, right?  The price is cheaper if you compare it to the retail price. A lot of brands are […]


INDONESIA FASHIO WEEK 2013 is an AWESOME EVENT!! There are several fashionproduct exhibitions, fashion shows, competitions, workshops, and seminars mode. There are 503 brands, 208 designers, 34 sponsors,and 218 models which participating in this event. And it’s divided into 9 zones. All designers have worked well! I truly love with their work!  

Creative Something

This website contains various articles creative and inspirational to many. Featuring photographs according to an article published. Some of the options are very inspiring article made ​​me have the knowledge and insight that luas.Let me know about an interesting article : Seeking inspiration in all the Wrong Place Want to hack your Creativity? Here’s a […]

Enchance Children’s Creativity in School

WORD GAMES great way to encourage creativity thinking VISUAL THINKING GAMES encourage visualization and the use of imagination DRAWING GAMES build on existing concepts, knowledge and ideas, another key aspect of creativity TEACHING TIPS TO ENCHANCE CREATIVITY enchance creativity through the way you teach and interact with your students CLOSING THOUGHTS develop skills that will […]