Field Trip to Kepompong Gendut!



Saya mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mengunjungi sebuah Production House Kepompong Gendut yang berada di Jalan Bali no.7, Bandung. Pendiri Kepompong Gendut adalah Sammaria Simanjuntak lulusan dari Arsitek ITB, dahulu bekerja sebagai arsitek namun karena tidak sesuai dengan minat yang dimilikinya. Maka Sammaria Simanjuntak membuat sebuah Production House.

Kepompong Gendut masih bisa dibilang indie dengan levelnya yang startup tetapi hasil dari beberapa film, video musik, dan iklan sudah dapat diacungi jempol. Film yang disajikan dengan indipenden, kebanyakan cerita diangkat dari pengalaman pribadi,dan  realita sekitar.

Film-film PH Kepompong Gendut yang sudah tayang diantaranya :

Cin(t)a dan Demi Ucok.

Kalau kita sebagai mahasiswa ITB sih pasti sudah familiar dengan film Cin(t)a mempunyai setting di kampus, dengan cerita yang cukup menyentuh hati. Demi Ucok sendiri sudah tayang di bioskop 21 film ini dibiyayai dengan sistem crowd funding atau istilah sehari-harinya patungan. Para pemberi sumbangan mendapatkan sebuah souvenir cantik dan dapat melihat namanya terpasang di poster dan credit film.

Tujuan kita berkunjung ke Kepompong Gendut adalah untuk tahu bagaimana membuat iklan sebuah produk jasa yang menarik. Kepompong Gendut sendiri pernah membuat iklan untuk Google Indonesia.

Terakhir, kami diperbolehkan untuk melihat ke dalam ruangan editing. Cukup nyaman untuk sebuah kantor rumahan. Kepompong Gendut sendiri sedang menggarap film science-fiction yang akan ditampilkan pada tahun 2014 mendatang.

Sukses selalu Kepompong Gendut! 135595909491114_300x450

45 Business Ideas We Loved in 2011!

Well, its a little bit “so last year” but this is still my assignment to review this blog!

I would crossed an existing business should not be used in 2013, and which will still survive in 2013

1. Career Coach

2. Personal Social Media Consultan

3. Memory Organizer

4. Invasive speciest pest management

5. Tablet app development

6. Online video production

7. Specialty foods provider

8.  Online privacy management

9. PR for socially responsible business

10. Personal concierge

11. Senior care service

12. Resale retail

13. Home day care

14. Yard work

15. Computer maintenance

16. Cleaning service

17. Energy efficiency consultant

18. Recycler

19. Pet sitter

20. Organizer

21. Virtual assistant

22. Remote bookkeeper

23. Translator

24. Cost Cutter

25. Social Media consultant

26. Copywriter

27. Health insurance consultant

28. Home Renovation

29. Tree care

30. Taxi service

31. Local farming

32. Commuting service

33. Residential environmental service

34. Small-biz social media

35. Interior Design

36. Education consultant

37. Kids consignment shop

38. Local internet marketing consultant

39. App designer

40. Green consultant

41. Off-hours child care

42. Ecommerce warehouse/shipping

43. Business security consultant

44. Party business

45. Tablet repair

Mind Your Business: 4 Reasons to Start a Business

Government support

Free advertising

The world’s gone niche

Franchising opportunities

Let’s quickly select a suitable business for you and run it on 2013!

JWT INTELLIGENCE owned by an agency of marketing communications (marketing communication), based in New York. There are an annual forecast of trends for the near future, new technology continues to take center stage. Of course, the report will be very helpful for business people, especially those related to technology, creative industries, and lifestyle.

Embracing Analog: Why Physical is Hot

(March 2013) As we spend ever more time in the digital world, what’s becoming increasingly valued is the time we do not spend in front of a screen—the time we spend with real people and real things. It’s not that we’re abandoning digital—far from it. But as digital screens become our default interface, we seem to increasingly seek out physical objects and experiences.

100 Things to Watch in 2013

(December 2012)  Adult Playgrounds, Chia Seeds and Instant-Erase Apps—just a few items from our annual list of 100 Things to Watch for the year ahead. It’s a wide-ranging compilation that reflects developments that are bubbling up across sectors, including travel, technology, food, retail and sustainability. The list also includes new types of goods or businesses, new behaviors and ideas with the potential to ladder up to bigger trends.

Curious? 😀


This website gives a lot of tips to market your product or service. How do you promote  your product with social media which more interactive and inspiring for many people. Let you know some cool tips!

Social Media Night Out: 8 Tips To Get You Through The Evening

1. Mapping Out Your Evening

2. Dress To Impress

3. Accessories Make the Outfit

4. Should You Be Early, On Time, or Fashionably Late?

5. Is the Cover Charge Worth It?

6. Quiet Amid Chaos

7. Shoot The Breeze With Old Friends

8. Make Some New Contacts

Well, at least you open your new networking!

Do you know?

Brands on Facebook More Socially Devoted Than Ever!!

Infographic-B2B-Companies-Well-Represented-in-Fortune-100-Social-Effectiveness-Index-PR-News Socially-Devoted-Socialbakers

Curious about this? Check it out that website!

80+ Must-Read Design Blogs to Enhance your Creativity and your Career

This website categorized each of the blogs into one of ten main categories: All-in-One, Inspiration, Tutorials, Web Development/Code, Freelance, Logos & Typography, Advice & Discussion, Freebies & Giveaways, Blogging, and Micro-Blogs/Links. That does not mean that the blog doesn’t offer anything else. It just means that the blog has a main focus. Creative Opera, for example, really focuses on giving advice to new designers or design students. But, we offer many other things as well — and have plans to expand greatly in the upcoming months.


I will give you some creative advertising idea :

My favorite drink! Like a Burst of Sunshine!


My favorite make up all the time! Such an interesting poster! Me likey!


Favorite band ever!!!


COOL 100 years of Paramount!


So, i think you should open that website, uber cool!!




It is the 9th event and the second time it’s held in Grand Indonesia. we can find our very own local brands, ON SALE, of course.  That’s the fun part, right?  The price is cheaper if you compare it to the retail price.

A lot of brands are participating in this event.  If you want to find out a specific brand before going to Brightspot, visit their website and follow @BrightspotMRKT.

Brightspot Market is definitely a one stop destination where you can spend hours of excitement.





There are several fashionproduct exhibitions, fashion shows, competitions, workshops, and seminars mode. There are 503 brands, 208 designers, 34 sponsors,and 218 models which participating in this event. And it’s divided into 9 zones.

All designers have worked well! I truly love with their work!



Creative Something

tumblr_mhi3xw8re91qz7sw8o1_500 tumblr_mhe6mj06Tt1qz7sw8o1_500 tumblr_mhoaq9MYMY1qz7sw8o1_400 tumblr_mi2f5gG9321qz7sw8o1_500 tumblr_mi61fiG9Qq1qz7sw8o1_400 tumblr_miksy983ED1qz7sw8o1_500

This website contains various articles creative and inspirational to many. Featuring photographs according to an article published. Some of the options are very inspiring article made ​​me have the knowledge and insight that luas.Let me know about an interesting article :
Seeking inspiration in all the Wrong Place
Want to hack your Creativity? Here’s a Powerful Way
What Makes Genius?

“A genius is a genius not Because of their IQ, not Because of their talents or what their friends do. Not Because they have money, or a lab, or a bed. A genius is the person who just thinks with their head. So if you were to ask what makes someone so smart, the answer is always that they just have a lot of heart. “

Enchance Children’s Creativity in School


great way to encourage creativity thinking


encourage visualization and the use of imagination


build on existing concepts, knowledge and ideas, another key aspect of creativity


enchance creativity through the way you teach and interact with your students


develop skills that will serve them well as adults

Creativity is not just about being GOOD at drawing or some other creative art form. As a teacher, you have an opportunity to help students develop something that will enchance all aspects of their life.